Protective masks with a hydrophobic and antibacterial coating, multiple use


protective face masks
  • We make masks in Poland from Polish certified medical materials STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX ©

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  • Available colors: green (standard), white and black

Destination of use

They are intended for use by many groups - from medical sector employees to store employees and city residents. It is designed to protect against weather conditions, without being extreme (small drops of water vapor floating in the air or e.g. dust). In addition, it significantly limits the possibility of accidentally touching the mouth and nose. The materials used and the method of sewing make our protective masks adhere perfectly to  the face.

Technical specifications

Protective masks are made of three layers of medical non-woven weighing 30g / m2 each; to the corners of the mask are attached elastics that hold the mask on the face;  measurements: 195x90mm
CERTIFICATION STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX© (cert # IW 00189/IW00191)
Medical non-woven PP-S25 Spunbond: 1 layer
Medical non-woven fabric SMS-35: 2 layers
The filter fleece has been protected with a specialized bactericidal and hydrophobic agent (repels water particles)
Product class I 


Place the mask on the face, pull the bottom of the mask so that it covers the mouth and chin; After use, remove the mask while keeping the mask away from your face and clothing to avoid touching potentially contaminated mask surfaces. Before next use, the mask should be sterilized by pouring boiling water and leaving it for a few minutes (the viruses at 70 degrees die within 5 minutes). 

Safety & packing

Produced with sterilized conditions and 130 degree temeperature processing. For your safety - each pack contains 10 or 100 masks and is ozonized before closing. 

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